Welcome To Azhar Palestine

Having 6 Years Experience

Azhar Palestine School has a license of the Ministry of Education, the school was successfully opened in 2017, with limited resources through a well-organized process by equipping a building that currently has 6 classrooms. The school is located in the north Gaza, and get symbolic fees, as most students come from vulnerable households and are unable to afford school fees such as (tuition, books, uniforms,.etc.)

The school offers educational and rehabilitation services for students suffering from slow learning and learning difficulties, providing two kinds of services through internal and external programs.

Internal program


Daily internal services

the school has 6 classrooms and serves 70 students, with low teacher-to-student ratios.This provides a calm and intimate environment, and allows for hands-on and individualized teaching. The school contains 12 teachers The curriculum taught in the school is the modified curriculum set by ministry of education and higher education.


School’s supportive services

consists of Physiotherapy department, Psychological department, Social department, Medical department: comprises of paediatrician and daintiest who performs periodically voluntary visits, Occupational therapy department, Sport and entertainment department, Administration department which consists of general manager, secretary, public relationship, finance, administrative and servant.

Community program

A team of 4 specialists (special education teacher, rehabilitation specialist, physiotherapist and occupational therapist) has two main tasks.


Performing home visits to work with students of most needy cases and their families.


Azhar Palestine School carrying out community awareness activities